If you don't need help regarding your purchase, please click here to see our main help and support page.

If you need help with your purchase, you should contact us directly.  You can click here to email us.  You can also get help on our forums which you can access by clicking here (requires account at  If an administrator is online, you can also get help using our server or Discord chat.

When contacting us please remember to include all appropriate information (for example - your email address, your Minecraft username, the package you purchased etc.).  We will never ask for your password.  Remember that our forums, server chat and Discord are public and anyone with access to them can see your message - never reveal personal information when contacting us through these methods.

Remember, before contacting us regarding an issue with the delivery of your purchase, please ensure you have waited at least 30 minutes.  It may help if you log out and log back into the server.